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Nitrox guided shore dives and certifications
Nitrox-Enriched Air Diving


Guided shore Dives for Certified Nitrox Divers

If you already hold a Nitrox Certification Card you can enjoy any of our guided shore dives. It is $69 one tank and $89 two tank dive if you have your *own gear and $10 more if you need gear other than tank and weight belt. Dives are available along West and South Maui reefs.

*All dives include tank, weight belt, snacks, & beverages.

The prerequisites for the Nitrox certification are simple. You must be at least 15 years old and a certified Open Water Scuba diver with 10 logged dives or hold a Advanced Open Water Certification from any agency.

learn to use mixed gases enriched air safely with Best Maui DivingWant to Try Nitrox before getting Certified?

Sign up for a Nitrox Certification Course with the non completion option. We will give you the first days instruction and a one tank Nitrox dive for $100.00. If you want to continue the certification just pay $150 more and complete the rest of the certification course. If not, there is no further obligation. All gear, *use of Materials, snacks & beverages included. $100

*If you choose to complete the Nitrox Certification you will get all the benefits of the Nitrox Certification Course.

Nitrox Certification Course

This course is designed to give the necessary skills and knowledge for diving with Enriched Air Nitrox up to 40%. The course consists of a minimum of four hours of lectures and classroom exercises. In the lectures you will develop a working knowledge of Enriched Air Nitrox, physiological aspects of breathing oxygen at elevated partial pressures, computation of equivalent air depths, use of dive tables, oxygen analysis, dive planning, and special equipment requirements. The certification also includes a minimum of two dives under the supervision of an Enriched Air Nitrox instructor. (all our instructors have been teaching diving for 20-25 years and have a perfect safety record.)

All gear, materials, PIC Card, snacks & beverages included $225.00
Courses begin at 9:00am until about 1:00pm
Courses offered in Kaanapali at Old Airport Beach.
Private courses available at an additional charge.

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